Post-milking protection with chlorhexidine and glycerin


BLU PECTUS is a post-milking protective product studied to obtain a deep sanitization and protection of the udder immediately after milking. The presence of glycerine allows to nourish and make the SKIN soft avoiding cracks deriving from milking stress.

The product contains a high dosage of chlorhexidine digluconate equal to 5000 ppm that allows it to have a wide spectrum of action.

The presence of moisturizer and nutrients allows it to be used even during the winter months.

The product is recommended  in all  situations to protect against DANGER resulting from environmental contamination. The active ingredients do not create resistance in bacteria.

Method of use

BLU PECTUS is a ready to use product; DO NOT pour any residual product into cans that already contain it.

Additional information

BLU PECTUS is a particularly economical product because its fluidity allows it to be applied at very low dosages on the udder, creating a fast drying film. The typical color allows easy identification by the breeder who can quickly identify the application of the product.


The product is also available in PLUS version with the addition of Panthenol that as a results of its formulation allows to reconstruct and normalize the skin.

Full treatment

Before the next milking, perform a pre-dipping treatment with: