Active foam for pre-dipping applications for professional use


ELA-FOAM is a ready-to-use sanitizer. ELA-FOAM is intended for the skin hygiene of the udders of dairy cows, to be applied before milking operations for the prevention of mastitis and good teat hygiene.

The quality of ELA-FOAM, favors a high degree of teat hygiene before milking, freeing it from residual impurities and guaranteeing a constant barrier throughout the milking, providing an appropriate defense against mastitis.

Method of use

To achieve the best results, we recommend following these instructions:

  1. Pour ELA-FOAM into the applicator cup making the active foam, apply before milking by dipping the teat in the solution;
  2. Keep the foam in contact with the teat for at least 30 seconds, then dry the product with disposable paper or a disposable towel before attaching the milking cluster;
  3. Renew the solution whenever contamination occurs.
  4. Check that any residual post-dipping treatments have been re-washed;
  5. Clean equipment used for application with warm water.


Consistent use of ELA-FOAM deeply cleanses the skin and prepares for healthy milking. The emollient and soothing properties of the formulation provide an additional contribution to ensure the well-being of the animal.