Inseme in short

INSEME S.r.l. is an Italian company based in Modena and market leader in the field of bovine genetics applied to Artificial Fertilization (F.A.). As a result of our know-how and the work carried out alongside Italian breeders, we breed and market seminal material from the best sires. Our aim is to internationally defend, promote and spread Italian genetics of which value consist in the best combination of production quality, functional morphology, and animal welfare. We are mindful of our role; we look to the future with an innovative vision based on the customers’ needs and those of the market.

We are proudly part of the great Italian food supply chain, capable of producing excellent goods with very high standards of quality and biosecurity either in the dairy sector or in the production of meat.

  • 2012 Foundation
  • Modena Where we are
  • 26 Countries supplied
  • 90 Bulls on the farm
  • 26 Employees
  • 18 Commercial network - Agents
  • 34 Commercial network - Dealers
  • 554781 Doses sold 2020

Our History

Our story is apparently short, although it has very deep roots. In 2012 INSEME was founded by C.I.Z. S.r.l.E.L.P.ZOO S.p.A. and SEMENITALY S.p.A. with the aim of creating the largest Italian bovine selection center. Since then, we have continued the great tradition that has distinguished the history of genetics both in Italy and worldwide with great sires such as: Sound System, Rodanas, Vanhalen, Eudon, Eject, Mascalese, Wyman, End-story, Fibrax, Ralstorm, Britt, Bormio, Montù up to the Grande Carol P. Mtoto.

Our breeding

To us, breeding is an activity based on Passion, Professionalism and Respect for health and the well-being. About 90 bulls live in our barns. The bulls are constantly and daily checked by highly skilled and experienced staff; indeed, we pay great attention to:

  • feed: our bulls are fed with only high-quality hay and feed formulated to guarantee an adequate supply of vitamins and trace elements.
  • health: every 21 days all the sires undergo health tests for the most important diseases in order to guarantee the healthiness of the semen produced and its exportability all over the world.
  • sampling room management: with an accurate technique and the most appropriate sampling rate for the specific subject, we try to collect the maximum quantity and quality of semen possible from each bull.
  • laboratory: the semen is subjected to measurements and practices that preserve the fertility of the spermatozoa as much as possible. We carefully supervise temperatures; we use state-of-the-art tools, and we carry out scrupulous quality controls to ensure a high level of fertility for each dose of conventional semen produced.

This modus operandi assures very high-quality products that are essential to increase pregnancies and the consequential income of our clients.

Our mission

Our task consists in working alongside Italian breeders by offering top-quality products capable of increasing both the genetic background and the economic profit of customers with the purpose of guaranteeing Italian genetics increasingly aimed at the production of food excellence in respect and development of eco-sustainability and animal welfare.

Our values

  • Ambition

  • Passion

  • Team spirit

  • Innovation

  • Made in Italy

  • Professionalism

  • Sustainability

  • Results

Our staff

Our philosophy is identified in corporate values and in the people that support and compose the company; the common logic is characterized by a constant commitment intended as research and selection of top genetic. Qualities such as passion, dedication, sense of belonging and pride are demonstrated every day to achieve our mission; these rooted principles encourage us to always pursue our best to offer customers top-products and the most appropriate services they need. Our philosophy is very clear, aimed at planning, implementing, consolidating, and innovating. To us, the achievement of any success depends on our people and for this reason we have formed a staff that points its gaze to the future: a combination of youth and experience able of constantly setting new goals.