Neutral liquid active foam detergent with ozonized oil and lactic acid


GUARDIAN FOAM (foaming pre dipping) is an ozonized detergent sanitizing pre-milking. It is a co-mingled active foam product with a high sanitizing and emollient action that facilitates the cleaning of the udder and prevents the bacterial proliferation of the organisms responsible for mastitis.

Surfactants dissolve dirt, active oxygen counteracts pathogenic udder microorganisms. It also contains OZONIZED OIL AND LACTIC ACID particularly suitable for cleaning teats of dairy animals before milking (pre-dipping).

Its constant use is particularly indicated to obtain: a better cleaning, softness and hygiene of the skin and of the teat sphincter, a better milk quality and therefore a better milk remuneration, a reduction of milking times, being effective in reducing environmental and contagious mastitis and improving the bacteriological quality of milk.

Method of use

In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to follow the instructions below:

  1. Dip the teats into the applicator containing the product as it is, previously shaken to obtain a foaming effect, at least 30 seconds before milking.
  2. Leave to act.
  3. Dry with disposable towel or disposable paper.
  4. Discard the first few spurts of milk at the beginning of milking.


It is recommended to use it in combination with IODOFILM post-dipping film sanitizing solution ready to use.