Engs System

Unlimited active monitoring in real time

More than 500,000 activometers installed in 45 different states. With an innovative angle tag, it supports a variety of functions, from heat detection and feeding behavior to health and welfare monitoring, using scalable software modules that analyze behavior in real time. Unlimited continuous real-time range monitoring provides decision-making tools for dairy and beef farms.

  • Highly effective long range monitoring over 2 km
  • Real-time transmission every 6 minutes
  • Heat identification
    Accurate diagnosis ideal time for insemination
  • Cystic activity
    Identification and analysis of causes of oestrus cycle irregularities
  • Health status
    Analysis and identification of subjects with functional and / or physiological imbalances
  • Lame
    Identification of subjects with physiological irregularities
  • Calving alert
    Analysis and identification of subjects close to calving
  • Analysis of food intake
    Monitoring of feeding behavior
  • Abortions

For dairy and beef cattle

Wide-ranging scope