Post-milking bi-component chlorine dioxide protective agent


Green Gold One - Is a post milking protective product studied to obtain a deep sanitization and protection of the udder immediately after milking.

The presence of glycerin allows to nourish and make the skin soft, avoiding cracks caused from milking stress.

The product is structured in two components that must be mixed in equal parts immediately before use. The reaction of the base and its reagent allow to generate Chlorine Dioxide (chlorine) in a quantity of about 100/110 ppm.

The presence of moisturizer and nutrients allows it to be used even during the winter months. Its can be used through out the year , taking special care not to expose the container to direct sunlight and extreme temperature

The product is also recommended in all those situations where protection against dangers caused from environmental contamination is required.

Method of use

Green Gold One -It is a ready to use product; DO NOT pour any  product back into containers  that already contain the same.

The active ingridence do not create resistance in bacteria. The typical color allows easy identification by the farmer who can quickly identify the application of the product.

Full treatment

The film is easily removable with the normal use of pre-milking detergent: