Two-component post-milking system


GUARDIA B6 is a two-component system for the protection of udders against damage caused by over milking , having as active principle chlorine dioxide in combination with moisturizer and skin protective substances. The product has an excellent filming power that allows the forming of a barrier around the bovine teat that lasts from milking to milking, ensuring a substantial reduction of the bacterial load and an effective protection from the intrusion of microorganisms without affecting the transpiration of the skin. The product is easily identifiable and does not drip. Due to its composition, it is to be considered without systemic effects. The product does not irritate the teats.

GUARDIA B6 is a two-component system consisting of GUARDIA B6 DIP and GUARDIA B6 STARTER. Mixing the two products in a 1:1 ratio you obtain the ready to use solution of GUARDIA B6 ACTIVE.

Method of use

Using the special Dip Cup, add the two products in equal parts and mix well to obtain a homogeneous orange solution.

At the end of milking, completely covered each cow's teat in the freshly prepared solution. The solution of GUARDIA B6 ACTIVE is used for a single milking.


Avoid improper use of the product. Store in the original unopened packages or, where applicable, in the appropriate storage rooms or tanks away from extreme temperatures.

Full treatment

Before the next milking, perform a pre-dipping treatment with: