Bactericidal solution


JODOFILM 75/5 is a ready-to-use bactericide solution based on iodine associated with substances with moisturizer, re-epithelizing and restructuring activity, to be used after milking for the disinfection of bovine udders.

JODOFILM 75/5 is a very viscous solution of red-brown color, the particular formulation of the product allows the forming of an iodine barrier around the bovine teat, ensuring a substantial reduction of the bacterial load and an effective protection from the intrusion of microorganisms thanks the film composed by Polyvinylpyrrolidone without affecting the transpiration of the skin. The product does not drip. The presence in the formula of moisturizer and skin protective components, JODOFILM 75/5 allows the prevent reddening and cracking of the teats.

The regular use of JODOFILM 75/5 guarantees an effective prevention of mastitis on animals subjected to the treatment.

Method of use

At the end of the milking completely cover  each teat of the cow in JODOFILM 75/5 using the appropriate Dip Cup. Due to its high viscosity, JODOFILM 75/5 cannot be used with spraying equipment.


Avoid improper use of the product. Store in unopened original packaging or, where possible, in the appropriate storage rooms or tanks. Do not subject to extreme temperatures.

Full treatment

Before the next milking, perform a pre-dipping treatment with: