Royal Sigillo: the fertility star

Royal Sigillo: the fertility star


Sigillo genetic profile is very complete and launch him at the top of the Italian GPFT list and among the best for the Italian Cheese index.

He transmits high quality production, great udders and a top class functionality. He is the best bull in Italy for daughter fertility (122). The uniqueness of this genetic champion is that he combines this extreme fertility with good production and correct type. Rump is of the right angle and udders are perfect for robot milking. Feet & legs are great and so is locomotion.

His dam, grand dam, great granddam and great great granddam are still in production. Four generation of cows that have produced each an impressive amount of high quality milk. It is a new family completely developed in Italy and for more than Sigillo 8 generations at the Scotta farm in the Cuneo province. Cows with impressive quality production and a sire stack, among which the Italian Ralstorm, Britt, Ford and Adventur that have built overtime the sound production and an excellent fertility and fitness.

Sigillo is BB for K-Casein and A2A2 for Beta Casein. Very easy calving (111-133).

The ideal sire to improve daughter fertility without losing production nor conformation!

Sexed semen available

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