Medium chlorine content alkaline detergent


Alkaline chlorine sanitizer with soda base, suitable for recirculation or spray washing in the food and beverage industry and in the zootechnical sector, for the removal of protein substances, fats, starches, organic residues in general and the sanitization of all washable surfaces. Suitable in presence of fresh and medium-low hardness waters.

Method of use


To wash and sanitize centralized milking systems and refrigeration tanks, use ALICHLOR EC at a concentration of 1% at room temperature for 15-20 minutes.

Dairy Industry

For the cleaning and sanitization of tanks, pipes, filling machines, use ALICHLOR EC at a concentration of 0.5 - 1% at room temperature to 60°C for 3 - 10'minutes.


Avoid improper use of the product. Store in the original unopened packages or, where applicable in the appropriate storage rooms or tanks away from extreme temperatures.

Effect on materials

Does not affect stainless steel, glass, enamelled iron, PE, PVC, PP, PS at usage concentrations. Corrodes aluminum, galvanized iron. Oxidizes copper, brass and bronze. Since the chemical nature of plastic tank coatings is not known, preliminary compatibility tests should be conducted.