Forced feeding for calves without stress


Stress-free force-feeding for calves. Designed by a veterinarian Trusti Tuber reduces the stress of force-feeding in the calf.

The soft, flexible rubber tube is easily swallowed, minimizing calf resistance.

Transparent tube allows liquid flow to be controlled and can be handled with one hand.

Calf retainer and weight indicator make it easy to position the tube.

The kit includes a PeachTM teat cap for easy transition to teat.

Ergonomic bottle handle is perfect for large and small hands.

Method of use

The mouthpiece is positioned against the snout, the tube is pushed through the hole in the mouthpiece until it sits comfortably in the esophagus.

A valve ensures a rapid flow of liquids, even the thickest colostrum.

The hook on the bottle makes it possible to keep the mouthpiece clean and away from surfaces.


Tests show that it reduces colostrum feeding time by almost 50%. 4-litre bottle.