Complementary dietary food


Complementary dietary food to be fed to calves, lambs, newborn kids that do not receive enough maternal colostrum or received poor quality colostrum. It contains egg powder rich in natural immunoglobulins.

Globigen® Colostrum is an innovative feed and food supplement for newborn calves and lambs containing functional proteins (IgY). IgY are able to bind to foreign substances, such as bacteria and viruses, in the intestine, thus improving intestinal health and promoting weight gain.

Method of use

Dissolve the product in colostrum, normal milk or milk powder at a temperature of about 39 ° C (1:10) and feed the animal within first 6 hours.

Calves: 50-100 g/head/day;

Feed Globigen® Colostrum for 3-5 days.

If newborns do not fully receive maternal colostrum the dosage of Globigen® Colostrum should be increased as follows:

200 g dissolved in 2 liters of regular milk, milk powder or water at approximately 39° C; One heaped scoop is approximately 15 g.


Field studies conducted show the positive impact of Globigen® Colostrum on weight gain in calves. This is indicative of improved health.


  1. Greater yield of calves
  2. Reduction in the incidence of diarrhea
  3. Better weight gain
  4. Greater yield