Pre-Dipping Detergent


CH3-dip is a sanitizing detergent, based on lactic acid and peracetic acid, studied for the pre-milking treatment to be applied with a special mechanical or pneumatic cup.

The characteristics of the product allow CH3-dip to be effective in an average time of 30 seconds during which, the surfactants contained, perform an emulsifying action against dirt of organic origin and the sanitizing principles such as lactic acid and peracetic acid, perform the abatement function against the most known pathogenic strains.

Method of use

CH3-dip is used as is, so simply pour the contents into the tank of the foaming applicator and proceed with normal operations.

Do not pour any residue left in the applicator back into the drum.


The product, in order to protect the skin of the bovine, contains emollients and oils that allow to remove even the most structured dirt without stressing the udder, thus avoiding skin abrasions.